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2021-04-04- ReturntoInPersonWorship-Instructions

Trinity- A Little Church with a Big Heart

We’re Returning to In Person Worship on Easter Sunday, April 4th! Click HERE for more information.

Trinity Safe in Person Worship During COVID Protocols
Updated In Person Protocols2021-04-04- ReturntoInPersonWorship-Instructions

Pastor JMe and the members of Trinity Congregation Council will be making phone calls during the coming days to provide support and assurance of our concern for you and your well being. If you have any needs, please contact the Church Office or Pastor JMe (717-621-9600), and we will endeavor to respond with the assistance required. If you feel you have any of the symptoms that have been identified as related to COVID-19, please call your doctor or click on the following link for an easy guide to what your symptoms may mean: What to Do if You Think You Have COVID-19

Please know that your church leadership and staff are praying for you, and we ask that you, also, keep us in prayer. Whenever faced with a situation that seems overwhelming or frightening, we know that our Lord is present in that darkness and will help us to find comfort and peace. While we are apart from one another, we encourage you to reach out to other members of your church family. Although we aren’t able to gather together as a group, continue to converse by telephone or visit one another, if appropriate, to provide companionship and support. Please give special attention to those in our congregation whom we know are home bound or restricted to nursing care facilities. Although visiting in person may not be possible, our sisters and brothers rely on us to keep them connected with the church community. Telephones, notes and cards will be especially meaningful to our elders at this time. To paraphrase Paul, not even a corona virus pandemic can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

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