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Pentecost 18 October 13

There is a running joke in some congregations that Lutherans do not sit in the first several rows of the worship space. We may seek the front-row seats at concerts, sporting events, and elementary school award ceremonies. We like to be close to the action. Yet, when the action is the word of God read and proclaimed or holy communion broken and shared, we sometimes find a way to keep our distance. We do not occupy those prime seats. Closeness implies intimacy. Is there something we fear about being too close to Jesus?

All of the lepers are healed as they go on their way. Nine of them continue to keep their distance from Jesus. Only one returns, doing everything but keep his distance. Falling on the ground at Jesus’ feet, the leper is full of praise that Jesus chose to heal, to come near, when the leper was distant. Though we may try to keep our distance from Jesus, Jesus does not keep his distance from us.

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