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Pentecost 4, July 7

When Jesus sends the seventy out to proclaim the good news of God in every town, he makes it clear that whether they are welcomed or rejected, they are to say plainly that “the kingdom of God has come near” (Luke 10:9). As we move about our lives, we are called to love and serve where we are, trusting that when we leave, the Spirit remains.

The work of the Spirit is not finished when we leave a place. The in-breaking of the kingdom does not depend on our remaining or being present to continue the work. God will keep breathing life into people long after we have moved on, maybe even years after… The love we offer and the stories and songs we teach are just some of the ways we declare that the kingdom of God has come near. The Spirit moves, and we get to participate!

Love. Serve. Proclaim the good news: The kingdom of God has come near!


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