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Reformation October 27

We commemorate the Reformation as a time when the freedom found in knowing Jesus and his saving work was discovered anew. Five hundred years later it is easy for the newness of this message to be part of our old story. It is easy to look past how much has changed in our own lives and the life we share as the church. Our present experience can feel like a reflection of what has always been.

Jesus describes his word as the path to truth and encourages his disciples to “continue in my word” (John 8:31). To continue may be understood as remaining the same, but continuing in the word of Jesus means walking a path of transformation. This transformation grows out of repentance and forgiveness, life and death. It is a gift from Jesus. To continue in God’s word is a call for the church to keep moving and to embrace the reform Jesus is creating in and among us each and every day.

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