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Return to Worship Sunday July 12, 2020

Next Sunday, worship will be offered at the church following guidelines set forth by the Office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the office of the Bishop of the Virginia Synod of the ELCA. Only those who feel this is a safe option for them should plan to attend. If you have conditions that make you susceptible to COVID, or are regularly around others who are susceptible you are encouraged to continue to worship from home. The service will be “streamed” – or live broadcast – on Zoom. The 11AM tele-worship Call to Worship will still take place as well. To help you determine whether you feel ready to return to worship at the church, we offer the following considerations for returning to in-person worship.
o We ask that everyone wear a mask; masks will be available if you forgot or do not have one
o Please remember and respect the 6-foot distancing between you and all others
o Worshippers will be seated either in the sanctuary or the parish hall
o There will be only one way to enter either worship area and one way to exit
 enter sanctuary through Narthex doors, exit through the Narthex doors
 enter parish hall through the Narthex doors, exit through parking lot doors
o Worshippers will be led to their seat by a designated usher, you may have to wait your turn to be seated
o Worshippers do not get to choose a seat, seating will be in order of arrival. This is in order that people are not passing by each other to get to a seat.
o Worshippers will be ushered out after service, leaving in an orderly fashion according to where they are seated.
o If you have had any symptoms such as nasal congestion, sore throat, fever, aches, cough, shortness of breath, please do not attend worship
o In order to limit mobility around the building, you are asked to limit your morning fluid intake so as few people as possible use the restroom facilities. Yes, it sounds absurd, but there are no restroom attendants to disinfect between uses.
If you plan to worship at the church on July 12, please let the church office know. This enables appropriate planning of seating.