Visiting at Trinity

We seek to be a genuinely inviting congregation.  While our worship style is somewhat structured, our expectations are most certainly not.

Some folks dress up to attend worship since this has been a part of their church tradition since they were young.  Others don’t. Casual dress is more than appropriate for any gathering at Trinity.  We believe you ought to feel comfortable.

Our pastor (and at times the worship assistants and choir members) wears vestments (robes). For Lutherans, worship is, indeed holy – which means set apart from that which we encounter in our lives most of the rest of the week. The vestments on worship leaders remind us our gathering is ‘something set apart from daily life.’ It is God’s time and our time to ‘listen, reflect, and engage’ in intentional Christian community.

A user-friendly bulletin contains everything needed to encourage a meaningful experience worship experience, rooted in tradition, yet connected to the present.

What can I/we expect?

We know that checking out a new church can be a challenge: a room full of strangers; how do they worship? How should I dress? Will I be “singled-out” and embarrassingly asked to stand up to be welcomed?

The answer at Trinity to the last question is NO! We realize that the step to make a first-time visit to a new congregation (or, maybe, an entirely new denomination) can be one of the most difficult moves you ever make. We don’t want to make it any harder!

When you arrive….

When you visit Trinity plan to arrive a few minutes before 9:30am.  You will find marked parking for visitors. You will be greeted in the Narthex (entry area) by someone who will offer you a Bulletin (Order for Worship).  The greeter will, also, give you a little “Welcome to Trinity” gift bag. If you wish to have help finding a seat, the Greeter will ask an Usher or another member to assist you.


Once seated you may be greeted by other friendly members. You may wish to take time to check out the contents of the gift bag, look over the bulletin and check the “Trending at Trinity” announcements page.  In your gift bag as well as in a pew rack, you should find Visitor Cards. Please take a moment to complete one so we can know a little about you. When the offering plate is passed, place the card in the plate.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin contains everything you need to follow the service comfortably and meaningfully.

Feel free to join in active participation with the congregation. In the bulletin, word prayers and responses said by the congregation are in bold print.

The Eucharist

During The Eucharist (Holy Communion, Lord’s Supper), you will be invited to move down the center aisle and return by the side aisle (depending where you are sitting). All Christians -regardless of denomination or age – are invited to participate. Trinity uses individual cups for the wine. A stand of empty cups is at the head of the center aisle. Take one, and proceed to the Pastor or Assisting Minister who will hand you a wafer with the words: The body of Christ given for you.

If you wish only a blessing (no bread or wine), fold your arms across your chest

Once you have received the wafer you will receive wine from an Assisting Minister a basket on a stand just to the Assisting Minister’s side is where you place the used cup.

At the End…

Following the service, you are invited to the Parish Hall for coffee and refreshments.


Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about what you can expect at Trinity on a Sunday morning. We look forward to having you join us for worship.