Christian Formation

Learning to become – and remain – a disciple of Christ in an often confusing and contradictory world is what our Christian Formation program is all about. It’s Sunday School on steroids – intentionally coloring outside the box with unique approaches, topics, times and locations.

Children – from birth through 3rd grade – are provided Nursery care followed by age-appropriate introductions to what it means to follow Jesus.

Older youth (4th-6th grades) find their attention drawn to developing healthy and respectful Christian relationships with their peers.

Our middle school and high school youth fine tune the challenges of being a disciple in a hostile world with emphasis on good decision-making, their relationship with God, and how to develop a healthy lifestyle.

All Christians, regardless their age or denomination,  are invited to share in the weekly Eucharist (Holy Communion). In an effort to deepen understanding of this sacrament, plans are being formulated for a short term class on Holy Communion primarily for youth in grades 3-12.

All young people who have not received catechetical instruction (8th grade-12th) participate in a 2-year program of Confirmation held at varying times and in different locations. Here, they study biblical development, Lutheran theology, the Protestant Reformation, how/why Lutherans worship among many other topic leading to their confirmation as adult members of the congregation on Confirmation Sunday.

Adult formation focuses on living meaningfully as a person of faith and addressing contemporary economic, social and political issues from a variety of perspectives through our periodic adult “forums” on Sunday following worship. The Forums feature guests from the community with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines including international relations, the Middle East, medical ethics, justice, financial investing, and theology. This year’s guests have included a former U.S. Ambassador, a U.S. Border Patrol officer (a member), the head of the Regional Drug Task Force, and experts on end of life decisions and estate planning.

Youth Formation is held almost every Sunday. Adult Formation sessions are scheduled throughout the year as local and regional experts become available. Our Christian Formation program continues to develop – and welcomes your input – through volunteer Anne Vermillion.

Christian Formation program
Christian Formation program