Christian Formation

Learning to become – and remain – a disciple of Christ in an often confusing and contradictory world is what our Christian Formation program is all about.

Children – from birth through 3rd grade – are provided Nursery care followed by age-appropriate introductions to what it means to follow Jesus.

Older youth (4th-6th grades) find their attention drawn to developing healthy and respectful Christian relationships with their peers.

Our middle school and high school youth fine tune the challenges of being a disciple in a world where choices are far more gray than they are black or white. The emphasis is good decision-making, one’s relationship with God, and healthy lifestyles.

All Christians, regardless of age or denomination,  are invited to share in the weekly Eucharist (Holy Communion). In an effort to deepen understanding of this sacrament.

Young people who have not received catechetical instruction (8th grade-12th) participate in a 2-year program where they study the scriptures, particularly the life of Jesus; Lutheran theology and history in the context of understanding what it means to be a member of the church.

Adult formation focuses on living meaningfully as a person of faith and addressing contemporary economic, social and political issues from a variety of perspectives through our periodic adult “forums” on Sunday following worship.

Our Christian Formation program continues to develop – and welcomes your input – through volunteer Anne Vermillion.

Christian Formation program