Why Trinity?

First of all: we don’t make you ‘leave your brain’ at the front door.
Trinity believes your faith should work for you every day of the week – not for just an hour on Sundays. So, the message you receive from us is one for the tough here and now, not just the “sweet by-and-by.”

Second, we want to join you on your walk of Christian faith,
because we know how difficult it can sometimes be. You need friends and fellow strugglers to listen, bounce ideas off, and sometimes just to hold your hand to let you know they genuinely care…and so does God.

Third, we don’t have a sign out front that says, “Everyone Welcome!”
because we think that’s redundant (like those Fresh Vegetables signs you see. Vegetables should be fresh (who’s gonna buy stale vegetables anyway?). And, “all are welcome” shouldn’t even have to be advertised. If everyone’s not welcomed, then you’re not a very caring church!

We’re a small church

(average worship attendance 80-100) with no grand designs to become anything “mega” – except mega givers to others in Christs’ name.  Most (about 80%) of Trinity’s ministries are focused outside our four walls – in the community where the need is so great. We feed, we clothe, we diaper, and we help house God’s children in need.

We’ll know your name (and remember it) from your very first visit (if you tell us…) – and we’ll use it to greet you when you return.

We enjoy each other as honest, caring friends – and make new ones at the drop of a hat!

And, because we’re small – we need YOU to work in ministry with us!

Almost everyone is joyfully involved in some aspect of ministry at Trinity, trying hard to embody the “new Commandment” that Jesus gave: “…that you love others, as I have first loved you.” We don’t always get it perfect – but, we always do our best to get it right!

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun with each other. Our Parish Life Task Force is always coming up with something new and innovative to bring us closer together (a 50’s Sock Hop, winery tours and tastings, Super Bowl parties and Nights at the Movies are just a few recent events).

Why Trinity?

Because we think we’re the kind of church you’re looking for!  And, we’re looking for you!  What a great symbiotic relationship, huh? It’s a win-win. And, who doesn’t like that?

why Trinity Lutheran Church Stephens City, VA