Trinity is an ELCA congregation

Trinity Lutheran Church is an ELCA Congregation. This means we are connected to other congregations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America [ELCA].  Together we are able to do far more than any one of us can do alone.

To this end, the ELCA is comprised of  65 synods (geographical locations) and nearly 10,000 congregations.  Trinity is a member of the Virginia Synod. Adjacent synods include Metropolitan D.C.; North Carolina; West Virginia-Western Maryland.

Therefore, we say the ELCA has three expressions: congregations, synod, and churchwide. Congregations form the grass-roots of the church, where members gather for worship, learning, fellowship, and outreach. While congregations are similarly organized and share a “model” constitution with other ELCA congregations, each defines its mission, programming, and outreach as needed to address life within the congregation and the communities in which they are located.

The synod and ELCA exist to coordinate programs, services, and ministries on behalf of and in partnership with congregations to include but not limited to: global mission, world hunger, domestic and global disaster response, professional leadership (training of pastors and deacons for ministry) as well as guidance and leadership for the calling of pastors, ecumenical relations (with other denominations, faith-expressions), production of educational materials and resources for congregational  worship, stewardship, and administration. In partnership with the ELCA, synods and congregations social ministry organizations care for children and families; provide adoption and refugee resettlement services; care for the elderly; camps and conference centers. With a strong commitment to education, there are kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools; colleges, universities, and seminaries.

We welcome you to learn more about Trinity through this website, the Virginia Synod; and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America