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Sixth Sunday of Easter May 26

“Peace I leave with you” (John 14:27). If there were no other reason to love Jesus, if there were no other reason to want to be near him, if there were no other reason to think him divine, this would be enough. Jesus is going away, and his friends and followers are afraid. They feel […]

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Sunday May 5 Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus asks and invites: “Do You Love Me? Follow Me.” When encountered by Jesus we are changed. In Sunday’s readings we see how a blinding light on the road, in an abundance of fish, in breakfast on the beach enlightens and deepens faith. God uses all sorts of surprising things—bread, wine, water, words of forgiveness—to […]

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Noisy Offering

The second Sunday of the month Trinity has a special collection, passing around brightly decorated (old) paint cans for the congregation to drop their loose change. A different local non-profit is designated to receive these gifts each month.

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