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Epiphany 2 January 19

“What are you looking for?” Jesus’ question cuts to the heart of our humanity. What will satisfy the ache in our heart for that something more that is so hard to name? What do we need to live a life of joy and purpose, a life in which the light of love and abundance cause our hearts to shine and to illumine the lives of others? We are needy by nature, hungry for personal, intimate communion with God, the great love who is our Source. The words of the psalms and of great spiritual writers echo this theme through the centuries. We find no rest, no peace until we abide in the all-possessing love of God that flows from the heart of Jesus to us.

The two followers remain with Jesus for the rest of the day because they want exactly the same thing we want. They want to be with him, sharing intimate, loving communion. They want to be touched, filled, embraced, enveloped, resting, and at peace in the immensity of God’s love. This is the deepest need of the human heart—to abide in an everlasting love and know this love abiding in us. Today and every day God invites us: come and see, worship and sing, pray and rest in the one who hungers to abide in you.

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