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Pentecost 22 November 10 2019

In our gospel today, some Sadducees come to Jesus with a question. Their intent is to embarrass the teacher and to demonstrate how ridiculous the notion of resurrection is. Who could imagine such a thing? The scene they paint features would-be husbands lining up and waiting, like contestants on The Bachelorette, to see “Whose wife will she be?”

Jesus answers the question by speaking about a whole new age: the reign of God. When this new age is present in its fullness, those who have died will be alive, and they will be identified by their status not as a spouse, but as a son or a daughter. “They . . . are children of God,” Jesus says, and “children of the resurrection” (Luke 20:36).

While we do not yet experience the new age in its fullness, it has indeed broken into our history and our lives: Christ is risen! In holy baptism Christ shares his risen life with us so that in our own time, “this age” and “the age to come” overlap. Christ’s reign brings about a new world beyond our imagining: we, too, are children of God and children of the resurrection.

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